Corporate Overview

OncoQuest Inc. is a clinical development stage biotechnology company which is a subsidiary of Quest Pharmatech (QPT:TSXV), headquartered in Canada, focused on commercializing a portfolio of immuno-modulatory antibodies for the treatment of cancer. These antibodies target a number of tumorigenic proteins, including CA-125, MUC 1, PSA and Her2/neu.

Numerous clinical and preclinical studies support the expectation that cancer immunotherapies will be most beneficial when utilized as part of combination treatments which may include novel immunotherapies, in addition to well-established approaches such as chemotherapy or radiation. The rationale of combinatorial approaches reflects not only the need to "fix" those elements of the immune response that are being directly or indirectly inhibited by certain types of cancer, but also the desire to stimulate a robust and appropriate immune response against the tumor.

OncoQuest has been able to demonstrate both preclinically and clinically that our antibodies enhance tumor-specific immune response. Further, we have been able to demonstrate in a number of clinical studies that the cytotoxic and immuno-modulating effects of chemotherapeutic agents in combination with our antibodies generate a more robust immune response and an associated clinical benefit than either monotherapy alone. This has led us to initiate additional proof-of-concept trials examining other immuno-modulators in combination with our antibodies, including checkpoint inhibitors and immune adjuvants.

OncoQuest's lead drug candidate, oregovomab, has recently completed a 97-patient randomized, controlled Phase 2 study in front-line ovarian cancer comparing oregovomab in combination with the standard of care carboplatin/paclitaxel regimen vs. the carboplatin/paclitaxel regimen alone. We presented positive interim data at ASCO 2017 and expect to present final data in 2018.

Based on preclinical data, Oncoquest also is conducting a number of proof-of-concept clinical studies with relapsed ovarian cancer patients examining oregovomab in additional combinations. The first combines oregovomab with the immune stimulator, Hiltonol™ (a TLR3 agonist) in conjunction with standard chemotherapy. The second combines oregovomab with the checkpoint inhibitor, nivolomab.

In addition, OncoQuest has completed a clinical study in which oregovomab was administered in combination with chemotherapy and radiotherapy in CA-125 positive pancreatic cancer patients.

OncoQuest's second-generation products are based on molecular constructs derived from epsilon immunoglobulin (IgE) licensed from UCLA, Stanford University, and Advanced Immune Therapeutics. These antigen-specific monoclonal IgE antibodies are currently in preclinical development. Not only do they induce potent cellular immunity, but they also sensitize IgE effector cells to directly attack cancer cells and modify the associated solid tumor stroma.

OncoQuest's technology is supported by an experienced management team, a global network of collaborators, an extensive patent portfolio and numerous scientific and clinical publications in peer-reviewed journals.